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You Can Strengthen Wi-Fi Connections and Internet Speed ​​Easier With These Methods!

Many people who work remotely or those who just enjoy movies at home just want to use a faster internet. Fortunately, there are some ways to make your internet speed and home Wi-Fi connections stronger.

Internet Speed ​​Easier

In modern life, you need the internet for almost every technological product. You may need the internet for all technological products that can be considered new, such as phones, tablets, televisions, computers and even robot vacuums, and you may also be complaining about its slowness. Let's take a look at these fast internet methods that we have prepared for you.

1. Determine the location of the modem well.

Distances such as walls and floors can hinder Wi-Fi speed. Therefore, the most suitable place for the modem would be an open front and top, and if possible, away from the furniture and above it. In addition, by using the applications that will help you see the place with the best signal strength in your home, you can examine where the location of the modem is most appropriate and position the modem here in your home.

2. Check your priority accesses.

Is it more important to download a file or do you have an important meeting or conversation? Deciding on this and determining what you will use the internet for can greatly prevent your internet speed from decreasing.

Downloading files in the background while an important meeting is in progress can reduce the quality of your conversation. Video chats as well as movies, videos or online games can slow down the internet speed. Therefore, determining your priorities is very useful for internet access.

3. Do not place your modem near electronic devices.

Electronic devices such as Bluetooth devices, cell phones and microwave ovens adversely affect the signal strength. By placing your modem as far away from all electronic devices as possible, you can prevent the interference of your modem's frequency with the frequencies emitted from these devices, thus increasing your internet speed to a great extent.

4. Try using a signal booster.

You know the places where your modem should and should not be, but if your modem is far away and is located in a place that will negatively affect the signal strength, try using a signal booster. This method increases your internet speed considerably and allows you to use the internet at high levels.

5. Don't forget to update your device.

As with all technological and electronic devices, your modem also needs to be updated from time to time. Since modems that are not updated can slow down your internet speed, you can increase internet speed and performance by making the latest version updates from the applications where modem settings are made.

6. Replace internet cables.

Worn and damaged internet cables can cause the internet to disconnect from time to time and slow down your internet speed. Therefore, replacing your old cables will also help you increase your internet speed. In addition, making the distance of your computer and modem as close as possible is another factor that increases internet speed.

7. Turn off the devices you are not using.

Turn off other devices that are connected to the Internet but you are not using, such as a phone or television. The more devices your modem is connected to, the slower your internet speed will be.

Also, if you make your Wi-Fi password stronger, you will reduce the number of unintentionally connecting to your internet and connecting to more devices. Because the number of users connected to the internet network is another reason that slows down the internet speed.

8. Use new Wi-Fi enhancements.

As technology advances, your internet is getting faster than before. Over the last 10 years, your internet has been updated to have the highest speed, lowest latency and highest capacity. New Wireless-AC routers transfer data up to three times faster than older Wireless-B/G/N models, freeing up channels for older wireless devices to access.

9. Try resetting your modem.

Although it may seem very cliché, one of the simple and fast methods you can apply for your slowing internet speed is to reset your modem. Since being constantly connected to the same IP address will affect the internet speed, you can try this method and solve the slowing internet speed immediately.

After turning off the modem, waiting for 10 seconds and turning it back on may increase the internet speed.

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