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World's Cheapest Vacation Destinations: Turkey Ranks First

Turkey has become one of the cheapest countries for vacationers due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira.

The economic crisis in Turkey is deepening every day. Economists point to Turkey's monetary policy, especially in the last two years, as the reason for this situation. Although the ruling party has adopted the rhetoric that "interest is the cause of inflation", economists believe the opposite. According to experts, the main cause of inflation is the increase in risks in the economy. Budget deficits, setbacks in social and political life, relations with neighbors and other countries and many other things can increase this risk.


To summarize, according to experts, our country has made the opposite of the economic moves it should have made in recent years and the depreciation of the Turkish lira has reached a historic level. As a result, the Turkish lira has fallen to very low levels against the currencies of developed countries. While this has put citizens living in Turkey in an economic predicament, the situation is quite the opposite for foreign citizens. In fact, Turkey is now one of the cheapest and most popular vacation destinations. Let's look at the details together.

The Post Office, one of the UK's post office services, has ranked the cheapest vacation destinations for its citizens.

According to this annual report, Marmaris is the most popular and cheapest vacation destination for Britons. The report, which was prepared in partnership with travel company Tui, is based on 12 different expenditure items such as family dinner, beer, coke, pedalos, sunbeds, ice cream, sunscreen, insect repellent, inflatable mattresses, wine, buckets and spades, masks and snorkels.

According to the spending items determined by the Post Office and TUI, the amount a tourist will spend in Marmaris is 86 pounds (approximately 1830 Turkish lira)

In the report, it was emphasized that prices in Marmaris doubled compared to previous years, but tourists did not feel the price increase due to the depreciation in TL

Apart from Marmaris, Sunny Beach in Bulgaria was also listed among the cheapest holiday destinations for Britons. Other holiday destinations on the list are as follows: Portugal-Algarve (£108), Madeira-Funchal (£127), Spain-Costa del Sol (£133), Italy-Puglia (£186).

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