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Why Doesn't My Perfume Smell Last? The Subtleties of Using Perfume For Those Who Think

The fragrant perfumes that complement our style allow us to leave permanent traces in every environment we enter. Of course, in order to preserve this trace, it is very important that the smell is permanent. After all, which of us would not want a perfume that will be with us all day in social life?

Fortunately, with a few simple methods, your perfume can maintain its permanence all day. Let's take a look at the details of using perfume together!

Why Doesnt My Perfume Smell Last - Most Best Trend
Why Doesnt My Perfume Smell Last - Most Best Trend

Aim for specific points when using perfume.

When you squeeze the perfume on the pulse points, you can catch the permanence. Perfume to be sprayed on the back of the knee, inside the elbow, wrists and neck; It ensures that your scent stays with you all day long.

However, after spraying the perfume on your wrists, do not rub your wrists together because this action causes the fragrance to evaporate faster. Therefore, you should let your perfume dry on its own. Let's also add that for women, between the two breasts, behind the ears and on the back of the neck are areas that are successful in spreading the perfume.

Apply Vaseline to the areas where you will spray perfume.

Did you know that Vaseline can help make your perfume permanent? In order to prevent the perfume you sprayed on points such as the neck, wrists and between the chest from flying off, you should apply a petroleum-based product such as vaseline to these areas before applying the perfume; makes it easier for the scent to hold. Remember that you don't need to apply much while applying Vaseline.

Do not allow different scents to mix.

Another important point about the use of perfume is the permanence of the fragrance and the absence of other fragrances on your skin so that it stands out... Therefore, make sure to apply your perfume on clean skin.

In addition, spraying perfume on scented lotions and moisturizers will cause odors to mix and become heavier. Another important issue is that don't use your perfume to suppress your sweat smell! This will only cause you to emit a bad odor.

Use your perfume after shower.

We said that applying perfume to clean skin is important to prevent mixing of scents. For this reason, applying the application after a shower provides you with more effective results. Since your pores will be more open after a shower, the perfume will be more easily trapped in your skin and become long-lasting.

Moreover, you can feel fresh all day long thanks to the perfume you apply to your well-moisturized and clean body.

Make sure to moisturize your skin well.

Well-hydrated skin traps perfume better, but moisturizers with a variety of flavors can cause odors to mix. Therefore, choosing fragrance-free moisturizers makes your job easier. If you wish, you can use products with the same notes as your perfume or moisturizer of your perfume to moisturize your skin.

After the shower, you can apply your perfume to your well-moisturized skin. For more effective results, you can choose your shower gel from the same scent.

The secret to smelling good all day is in the hair.

If you want to carry your scent on you all day long, don't forget to spray your perfume on your hair. With this method, which is more effective especially on your wet hair after a shower, your hair will carry your impressive scent all day.

When you comb your hair after spraying the perfume on your comb, the perfume penetrates your hair. Then you can spray the perfume all over your hair and dry your hair. You will be very pleased with the result!

For long-lasting durability, choose products with EDP formula.

Perfumes are produced with two different formulas, Eau de Parfum (EDP) and Eau de Toilette (EDT). The products you should prefer in terms of permanence and density are formulated with EDP.

You can choose products with EDP formula for the scents you want to stay on your skin all day long; you can even turn to spicy, woody and warm scents thanks to its better confinement to the skin.

Fragrances with high oil content provide longer lasting.

Of course, quality is very important in perfume selection. The permanence and smell of a quality perfume can satisfy you, but you should consider the oil ratio as well as the quality when choosing your perfume, because the higher this ratio, the longer the permanence of the fragrance.

However, these perfumes often smell heavy. Perfumes used in summer usually have a lower oil content. If you want a permanent scent, you can pay attention to this detail when choosing a perfume.

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