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What is Reality Shifting and How Do I Do Reality Shifting?

In this article, we told you what reality shifting is and how it is done.

What is Reality Shifting?

The trend called "reality shifting", which has recently emerged in Tiktok, has taken the Z generation under its influence. Briefly, shifting is a practice that enables mental transition to other universes and disconnection from current reality by creating an astral travel-like experience through self-hypnosis and meditation. Now we will tell you about many topics such as what is reality shifting and how reality shifting is done. First of all, let's start by answering the question of what is reality shifting.

What is Reality Shifting?

Simply put, shifting is shifting your consciousness from your current reality to another reality, the reality you desire. Thanks to Shifting, you can switch between parallel universes or live a different life as a different person. Some preliminary preparations are required for reality shifting. Because direct shifting is not possible. For this reason, a preparation called script is made before shifting. Script is the preparation stage before traveling between parallel universes. Now that we've learned what reality shifting is, let's see how to do it.

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Things to do before starting Reality Shifting

Before you start shifting, you need to prepare the environment and your mind for it.

1. First, prepare a space for yourself

Remember that this is a form of meditation. Therefore, prepare a beautiful space suitable for this meditation.

2. Prepare your size

Before you start Shifting, you need to prepare your body for it. So before you start shifting, take a bath, wear comfortable clothes, and be careful not to be hungry or too full.

3. Avoid distractions

The third step is to get rid of any distractions in your room. So mute or turn off your phone, make sure you've defecated before, and avoid anything that might distract you. Finally, stay focused.

How do I do Reality Shifting?

Now that we understand what reality shifting is, let's come to the main question. A normal shifting experience occurs as follows.

1. Script writing

The person who wants to experience shifting should write a detailed scenario in order to go to the universe he wants and to live the things he desires. In this scenario, every detail should be included, from how tall they want to be to building designs. However, this scenario should be written in the 1st person singular and the narration language should be as if it were actually experienced. In addition, security words should be determined in order to return to your own reality.

2. Meditation

Meditation is the most important point of shifting. Because during meditation one relaxes as much as possible. Thus, he becomes able to accept many things, including his own scenario. Most people fall asleep during this time, which can trigger dreams.

3. Shifting methods

The person triggers the sense organs by using the methods we have mentioned below and tries to convince the subconscious mind that he has passed to another universe.

Raven method

The most popular reality-shifting method, the raven method, involves the person lying in the starfish position and counting to 100.

Alice in Wonderland method

In the Alice in Wonderland method, the person lies on their back and imagines they are sitting under a tree until one of the alternate reality characters passes them. Later, the person fictionalizes that he/she falls down a rabbit hole with the alternate reality character and enters the parallel universe.

Pillow method

This reality-shifting method is a simple method that involves writing affirmations on a piece of paper, then repeating what you wrote and sleeping with the paper under the pillow.

4. Transition to the desired universe

There are some things that indicate that Shifting is successful. These include a feeling of falling, hearing voices, seeing flashes of light, and a feeling of heaviness and numbness in the body. The person believes that when he sleeps or opens his eyes, he finds himself in the universe he desires. Thus, the scenario in the first item starts to work.

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What can be done with Reality Shifting?

Shifting offers an unlimited world to the person who wants to do this. Because what you can experience with this experience is as wide as your imagination. Shifting methods allow you to focus and use your imagination to have the experiences you desire. So if you want, you can create a dream universe for yourself or you can be the lead actor of a movie. It's all up to your imagination!

Is Reality Shifting scientifically proven?

There is no evidence to suggest that Shifting works better than other methods. However, the vast majority of its claims repeat ordinary pseudoscience claims and are based on scientifically invalid arguments.

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