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What is Global Warming and How to Prevent it? What are the Causes, Consequences and Effects?

Global warming is climate change caused by the negative effects of human and environmental factors. While the temperature rates throughout the world increase a little more every year, sudden changes in the climate continue to negatively affect the lives of both people and other living things. What are the causes and consequences of global warming? We have compiled all the details of how to prevent the climate crisis.

What is Global Warming and How to Prevent it?

Some of the films and documentaries about global warming are:

1- An Inconvenient Truth

2- Plastic Ocean

3- After Tomorrow

What is Global Warming?

The changes in the climate with the increase in the greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide ratio in the air are called global warming. According to many scientists, the beginning of global warming dates back to the industrial revolution. The increase in thousands of factories that did not use a filter system at that time, and the increase in consumption along with production, are among the main causes of global warming.

How to Prevent Global Warming?

1- By planting lots of trees

2- By using less electrical appliances.

3- By acting more consciously about the environment.

4- By not getting exhausted by not buying things we don't need

5- By repairing broken machines instead of throwing them away

6- Using nylon and plastic materials much less

7- Using a paper bag instead of a bag

8- By recycling the plastic, glass and paper used instead of throwing it away.

9- Taking concrete steps to protect the ozone layer

10- Minimizing the use of chemical raw materials

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Causes of Global Warming

1- Increasing consumption in the world in direct proportion to the population

2- Unplanned urbanization

3- Destruction of green areas

4- Gases released by cows

5- Increase in the use of oil and gasoline by 300% worldwide

What are the Consequences and Effects of Global Warming?

1- The outbreak of famine in many countries, especially in Afghanistan and Libya.

2- More than 100 million people became homeless and relocated after natural disasters

3- More than five thousand animals are extinct and at least 15 thousand animals are on the verge of extinction.

4- Air pollution and related chronic diseases.

5- The burning of thousands of acres of forest areas with increasing temperatures.

6- Disruption of ecological balance and separation of animals from their natural habitats.

7- Decreased water resources and a serious crisis of thirst in many countries.

8- Melting of glaciers.

9- Increase in hoses

10- Simultaneous flooding in many parts of the world

11- Increase in heart attack rates due to extremely hot weather

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