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We Discovered Influencer Secrets, You Can Achieve The Skin You've Dreamed of: How to Choose the Best

The choice of foundation, which is the perfect complement to make-up, is very important because with the right product, you can achieve a flawless skin appearance. So, how can you choose the foundation that best suits your skin? Let's discover the answer to this question together!

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First, find out your skin type.

Dry, combination, oily or sensitive... In order to use the right foundation, you first need to learn your skin type. Which skin type you have, it is important that the foundation you choose will adapt to your skin.

For example, if you have dry skin, you can choose foundations with moisturizing properties. People with oily skin type can choose permanent and matte products for foundation selection. People with sensitive skin should pay attention to the content of the product when choosing a foundation. It is extremely important to choose a foundation that is suitable for the needs and problems of each skin.

The care you make to your skin will reflect on your beauty.

It is the desire of every woman to make her skin look nice and well-groomed. Therefore, you can always make your skin look fresh and vibrant by choosing a foundation that is compatible with the skin care creams you use most. People with acne-prone skin type may prefer skin-friendly and non-comedogenic care products.

In this way, you can have a healthy-looking skin by preventing the clogging of the pores. When you want to close the fine lines on your skin, you can choose an anti-aging foundation. After cleaning and moisturizing your skin, you can prevent your skin from getting irritated by applying your foundation. Cleaning your face after removing your make-up is also an important step in skin care.

Try before you buy foundation.

We recommend that you do not make your foundation selection in haste. You should first examine the foundation you are considering and test its compatibility with your skin. To choose the most suitable foundation for your face, you can first apply the product to your décolleté and try it.

You can get the best result by checking the color of the product you will buy in daylight. When choosing a foundation, you can choose products that have high concealing properties or balance color inequality according to your expectations.

Choose products that are suitable for the season.

When choosing foundation, you should choose products that are suitable for the season. You should prevent your pores from getting clogged and allow your skin to breathe. The foundation you use in winter may not be suitable for your tanned skin in summer. You can go back to the foundation you used when your tan gradually starts to decrease in the winter season.

Unless the expiration date has passed, of course! Due to the season, it would be more appropriate to choose a moist or matte foundation suitable for your skin type. When you buy foundation, you can make a more accurate choice by taking advantage of the user reviews of the product you choose.

Which formulas are suitable for you to choose?

Since powder foundations have a formula that reduces skin brightness, you should use this feature of the product knowingly. The new generation gel-formulated foundations, on the other hand, act as a foundation while caring for your skin.

If you are someone who does not use foundation very often during the day, it may be appropriate for you to use liquid gel foundations. In addition, we think that gel foundations with foam or liquid formulas will be an ideal choice for you.

Foundations with sunscreen are indispensable for summer months.

Foundations with SPF feature are among the indispensable products of women in summer. It can be an ideal solution for people who have time problems and can't help but apply foundation to their skin. These products are a type of foundation that you will not want to miss in your daily skin care routine with the sunscreen feature in their content.

In addition, foundations consisting of SPF components allow your skin to fight against the aging effects of the sun. Thus, it strengthens your skin barrier 1 times more. SPF foundations are waiting for you as the perfect complement to the day in your skin care and unique texture.

Identify your skin problem and love your skin.

Identifying the problems that occur on the skin is very important for your skin care to work. It is also one of the biggest steps in fighting skin problems. In order for your make-up to look flawless, using color-leveling products can help you choose the right foundation for your skin tone.

Thus, you will see that the spots on your skin are properly covered. If you don't have a problem with your skin, foundations with light color tones and color equalization may be the right choice for you.

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