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Travel Prep Here: The Most Practical Suitcase Preparation Tips

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Although there are many benefits to traveling, the luggage preparation part may be bothering many of you. When you say clothes, shoes, care materials suitable for your destination, you come across a mountain-like pile next to the suitcase you plan to use.

Practical Suitcase Preparation Tips - Most Best Trend
Practical Suitcase Preparation Tips - Most Best Trend

When you cannot give up your belongings, you find yourself facing the largest suitcase. This poses many challenges when trying to fit it at the airport, on the bus, or in the trunk of your car. If you're ready to tackle these challenges together, we've compiled some tips on how to pack your suitcases without the space problem. Let's examine it together!

1. Pre-select your items.

If you choose the clothes you can wear at your destination by combining them, you will avoid losing a large amount of space in your suitcase. When you don't do it this way, the clothes you say you might wear fill half of your suitcase and unfortunately they come back without even leaving the suitcase.

This method, which you can use both to get rid of unnecessary burden and to relax during your trip, can be your biggest helper. Come on, to the cupboards!

2. Use editor packages.

While preparing the suitcase, we can put small items in the suitcase without the need to organize them, but even though these items are small, they can take up much larger space than themselves when placed in an irregular manner. To avoid this situation, you can use cloth bags.

You can save a lot of space with a small arrangement such as putting socks in a bag, underwear in a bag, and accessories in a bag. Let's start the bag drawer now!

3. Do not fold your clothes.

Folding your clothes as if you put them in a closet may not be the right decision for your suitcase. Therefore, try something new and use the roll technique, which is one of the drawer organization methods recently.

You can put your t-shirts, trousers or skirts on a flat surface and roll them up, then put them in your suitcase. In this way, you can fit approximately twice as many clothes in your suitcase compared to the normal folding order. Come on, start rolling!

4. Get travel-sized products.

Especially if you travel frequently, products that are travel size and smaller than normal can be very useful. Of course, because they are travel size, it is not advantageous to buy extra products. For this reason, it is useful to put one of each care product. These products, which take up much less space in your suitcase, allow you to do your personal care easily.

In addition, since you will most likely finish your products during your travel process, if there are new products you bought during the trip, you will make room for them in your suitcase. Well, two birds with one stone!

5. Use the inside of your shoes.

One of the things that takes up the most space in suitcases is shoes. Since their structure is not suitable for folding or compressing, you have to give that space to shoes where you can fit many items. Well, what if we told you that you can also use your shoes as a storage area?

You can put small items such as socks, accessories or care products inside your shoes. Thus, you save the space occupied by the shoes. Come on, don't stop and fill the shoes!

6. Be careful what you place where.

Generally, we don't pay attention to what we put where we put things, because we have to fit things while preparing the suitcase, but this is also very important for your belongings to stay intact.

If you put your boxes or unbreakable items towards the wheel part and your fragile and breakable items towards the top of them, you can protect these items. Just like putting tomatoes and eggs in the grocery bag last!

7. Save space with your small containers.

You can use your items such as glasses boxes or lens cases as organizers. Eyeglass cases help you keep many cables together, such as your headphones and chargers. Your lens cases, on the other hand, can help you pack small but necessary items such as earrings, rings or creams.

So you don't have to carry big accessory boxes and your creams. They are also very useful in preparing a regular suitcase.

8. Add the dry cleaning bags to your luggage.

One of the things you don't want to encounter while traveling is wrinkled clothes. In order to prevent this and to be able to take the clothes you want out of your suitcase and wear them wherever you go, you can get the clothes bags used by the dry cleaners and add them to your suitcase. Thus, your clothes will come out of your suitcase clean and ironed. Well, it's up to you which outfit you choose for which evening!

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