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Those who want to make a natural mask are here: Making a Blackhead Nose Band at Home

Blackhead, one of the most common skin problems, is seen in more or less in most people. Blackheads, which occur when the pores are clogged with skin rash or dirt, can turn into acne or cystic acne over time as a result of insufficient cleaning of the skin or having an oily skin type.

Making Natural Mask

The most preferred method for the problem of blackheads, which can reach disturbing dimensions in terms of aesthetic appearance, is the blackhead tapes sold in the markets. Well, did you know that you can also make these blackhead patches at home?

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the recipes we will give you shortly, do not apply it, even if you do not have allergies, wait for a while in a small area and test it beforehand. If you're ready, let's start!

Skin cleaning

Before applying the blackhead tape and blackhead removal recipes we will give, make sure your skin is clean. Washing your skin not only removes oil and dirt, but also helps soften blackheads and remove them more easily. After applying the blackhead strips, you need to clean your skin in order to remove the residues left behind. Theoretically, these strips purify black spots, but you should do your daily cleaning regularly to clean the pores and maintain your care with products such as tonic.

Egg whites

Egg white, which is frequently used in homemade masks, is generally preferred because of its peeling and tightening effects. It also helps to shed dead cells that clog the pores in the skin. All you need is paper towels and egg whites. Cut the paper towel according to the area you will use and wet it with egg white (you can also apply the egg white to your nose with the help of a brush), then place it on your nose until it hardens or wait 20 minutes and peel it off slowly.

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Sugar and honey

When the antiseptic properties of honey and the peeling effect due to the structure of sugar are combined, an effective blackhead band can be obtained with this duo. First, take equal amounts of honey and sugar in a bowl and heat it.

Once the sugar has completely melted, let it cool for a few minutes. Apply the mixture on your nose and let it harden for about 15 minutes. Then gently peel off the mixture and clean your skin.

Yogurt and gelatin

Thanks to the natural probiotics it contains, yogurt provides moisture to the skin and at the same time helps to soothe the inflammation on the skin. For this mixture, combine about a tablespoon of yogurt and gelatin. You can also choose milk instead of yogurt, but you will get a thinner band. Heat the ingredients until they are completely combined.

Then wait a few minutes for it to cool. Once you're sure it's warm, apply it to your nose. Let sit for 15 minutes before peeling. Be careful if you have sensitive skin. Because the stickiness of gelatin can cause irritation on your skin. You can prefer this recipe only on your nose and forehead.


It is also possible to make vegan-friendly versions of the blackhead tape recipes we have given above. For example, instead of gelatin, you can use an alternative sticky material such as agar (jelly-like substance obtained from algae) with almond milk. After applying it, you can wait until it hardens and gently peel it off and rinse your skin.


Although we can help you remove blackheads easily and safely at home with the materials above, there are a few things you should never use for peeling. Avoid recipes that include the products listed below!

Glue: The main idea of ​​using glue is to mimic the adhesive effects of tape. Glue is very harmful to human skin and can cause your pores to become more clogged. Avoid any glue content when trying to clean blackhead.

● Toothpaste: This is sometimes used as a home remedy for acne treatment. You do realize that toothpaste dries out your skin too much, right?

Baking soda: Baking soda used in some natural acne treatments can dry out your skin. This can cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, skin rashes, and skin irritation.

That's it!

Homemade blackhead patches work just as well as purchased versions. However, you can observe that some recipes are better for your skin and give better results than others.

You can try different recipes until you find the one that works best for you. Of course you should stop using it otherwise if it causes any irritation or worsening acne symptoms.

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