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The Quarry: How to Reach the Best Ending by Saving Everyone in the Most Popular Game of All Time

If you want to save everyone and reach a happy ending in the popular horror game The Quarry, don't miss this guide!

The Quarry

Recently played by many, "The Quarry" has become quite popular. The Quarry is a narrative-driven horror game that takes you to one of dozens of different endings depending on the choices you make in each episode. There are two other larger endings that unlock depending on the trophies and achievements you earn in-game. One of them is the best ending and with this ending you can save all the main characters in the story.

In this guide, we'll tell you the right decisions and choices you need to make in each episode to help all the characters survive this night of horror. At the end of your game, you'll also get the Rough Night achievement for keeping everyone alive.

The Quarry: What is a Fast Paced Event (FPE)?

Fast Paced Events are interactions that you have to press at the right time when a button appears on the screen. If you fail to do this, some characters in the story may die.

As a general rule, make sure you succeed in every "Fast-Paced Event". However, you do not need to communicate with every FPE, especially while using a weapon, FPEs will constantly appear in front of you for you to shoot. In any case, shooting will cause some characters to die. If you're playing for specific trophies/achievements, it might be helpful to save the game a few times as you get closer to the end. There are some trajectories where you can fail in fast-paced events from start to finish and still save everyone, but let's not leave that to chance.

Warning: We've tried to summarize the decisions and options below with as few spoilers as possible, but some spoilers are inevitable.

There is a break between each episode in the game where you visit a mysterious woman. If you have received the Tarot Cards, it will tell you about these cards and ask if you want to learn more. Choosing to “keep going” or learn more does not affect the best ending or any of the endings.

The Quarry: All the right choices in the Introduction

This chapter is an introduction to explaining The Quarry mechanics to the players. Although the aim is to get a first look at the game, the choices you make in this section can affect the end of the game.

  • As Laura in the car, choose to stare at the map instead of the brochure in the backseat.

  • In the woods, choose to look in the trunk while searching for tools.

  • When things get eerie in the woods, choose to be “compliant”.

  • Complete fast-paced events as Laura in the jungle. Then, when contacting the police, choose the options honest, friendly, compliant, relaxed, respectively.

  • In the mansion, take the keys from the bunker and trust yourself. Make sure you choose to help Max.

Episode 1: Hackett's Quarry is number one!

  • You start this chapter as Jacob. When talking to Kaitlyn, choose: thoughtful, witty, mischievous, brave.

  • When inspecting the van's engine, you can choose to disconnect the fuel line or disassemble/steal the swing arm. The second option helps you earn an achievement later on.

  • Choose to be friends.

  • When you switch to Abi and Emma in their camp cabins, shape your destiny by choosing to go inside to get the bags.

  • Find Emma by the red golf cart at the far end of the field and make an enthusiastic choice.

  • After returning to the cabin with the other counselors (after seeing the smoke), choose to interrupt/poke Nick.

  • Ryan will be talking about a podcast. As Dylan, choose friendly first, then supportive.

  • You will then be asked about your phones and a fee. Choose "understand".

  • Ryan and Chris will go in. Choose to eavesdrop on conversations while on the phone in Hackett's office.

  • After the phone call and when talking about family, choose to talk to Hackett in an anxious manner.

  • It will turn to ghost stories. Choose to apologize, then select the nosy.

  • Select "compatible" after FPEs in vans. Choose persistent, supportive, reluctant options after Chris leaves.

Part 2: Truth or Dare?

  • You will start this chapter as Emma in Hackett's Quarry Camp Store. When you reach the very back of the warehouse, try to open the door on the right and look for Jacob.

  • Grab the shotgun from the shelves in this smaller room.

  • Drop the fireworks when you open the safe. (This option will save a character's life later in the story)

  • When Jacob takes the Butterpops off the shelf, choose to be affectionate.

  • as Dylan in Hackett's Office. Choose to be friendly and sarcastic when checking the phone on Hackett's desk and serious when checking the rifle. (Note: failing the FPE here and it doesn't affect anything).

  • Choose the prankster after wardrobe, look around if you want, then go to the party.

  • While in Nick Hackett's Woods, for the Tarot Card, head to Rocky Road and follow the left path twice.

  • Choose uncertainty when talking to Abi.

  • Go down the stairs and stay on the right. Then select candid and rescue Abi during FPE.

  • Choose to be serious when talking about the pig.

  • Choose to be tough when talking about shooting for butterpops.

  • You'll then follow Kaitlyn, Jacob, and Nick. When talking about your brother, choose to be hopeful on your way to camp.

  • Go back to the fire pit, interrupt during truth or dare.

  • You will walk around the character circle. Choose the truth when Emma asks Ryan about Hackett, then choose to be prankster in response to the Hag of Hackett's Quarry question. First select Kaitlyn, then choose the prankster.

Part 3: Trouble in Heaven

The tense scenes of The Quarry story begin with this episode:

  • Choose to call Nick back while Brother is in the woods, then choose to be honest and cautious on the log. Then select the kiss option.

  • Help Nick when terrible events unfold, then run.

  • Don't climb the tree, then successfully complete the Breathe Hold event.

  • After searching for towels as Jacob, choose the enthusiast. Next, choose to flirt.

  • Back at the campfire, choose to be anxious, then assertive when asking Nick.

  • Select both shortcuts and shout at the end. Then choose to shoot.

  • When you're Jacob, beg. Never throw dirt afterward.

Chapter 4: Don't Panic

  • Interact with the first FPE, then choose reject. There will be an FPE to be called; you may or may not interact with it, but do not interact with the next two FPEs.

  • Select query after two FPEs, then choose release. Interact with the next FPE.

  • As Emma, ​​choose to search the bag, then use the stun gun. Then choose the spray, block the door and use the hidden hatch.

  • Back at the cabin as Dylan, choose optimism before you find a landline, then choose hopeful at Hackett's office.

  • Choose the determination to call the police when Ryan picks up the phone. Then pick the suspect, then keep calm after mentioning the radio booth and Ryan will ask you to put something back.

  • When talking about Kaitlyn, choose defense first, then hand over the item.

  • As Emma (again), reel in slowly to reduce noise, then don't interact with the FPE, which seems to speed things up (despite the danger).

Part 5: White Noise

  • As Nick was at the beginning of the episode, choose to be grateful, not interact with FPE, then choose to be reassuring.

  • Next, you'll switch to Kaitlyn to investigate a noise (no choice but FPEs), then back to Nick. Choose confident first, then intriguing. Then choose to hide again and hold your breath until it disappears from the red screen.

  • As Ryan inside the radio booth, choose to be concerned, concerned, and apologetic in order. There will be a noise on the roof of the shack and Ryan will aim at the ceiling. Do not interact with FPE.

  • Then choose the aggressive, confident, calm, desperate and chainsaw options. Finally, select the "uncertain" option.

Chapter 6: Prayers at Night

  • You will begin this chapter as Jacob. Follow the wooden path and go down, then just below the stairs choose ”Satisfied” then “apologise”. Hold your breath and choose to open the trap.

  • You will return to the group in the pool. Here you choose the options to be compassionate and to help Nick.

  • As Abi at the pool house, choose to be calm first and then compassionate. Shoot when given the opportunity.

  • As Emma, ​​you must choose not to run away while you have the chance.

  • Choose reassuring, suspenseful and relevant as Ryan in the pool house.

Chapter 7: The Past is Left Behind

  • When the episode starts and then moves to a new scene with the police, don't interact with the FPE. Then choose 2 times compatible, intriguing, pleading options. Here is another FPE that you should not interact with. Then choose anxious, disappointed, agreeable, and worried again.

  • After taking control and examining the cell, there will be another scene where you have to choose the fearful, serious, thoughtful, encouraging and empathetic one.

  • You will return to the pool house for a short scene. Choose calm, then curious, optimistic, skeptical options.

  • Do not interact with FPE while in jail, then select compassionate.

  • Explore the police station and if you want (not necessary) get the syringe from the third office on the second floor. Sleep later. Choose the honest, confident one after waking up and do not interact with the FPE in the prison cell after receiving the information/poem.

  • After that, choose the options of confused, encouraging, surrendering, empathetic.

  • When the scene changes, interact with the next FPE, then when it changes again, interact with the FPE with the gun.

  • If you choose to forego the syringe, choose to apologize.

  • Choose to be anxious first at the office and reassuring at the pool.

  • Finally, select the option to beg when you change characters.

Chapter 8: In the Creature's Lair

  • At the beginning of the chapter, choose the options of ambiguous, curious, suspicious in the Pool house. Then choose discreet, caring, and friendly options.

  • In the forest, choose inquisitive, thoughtful, affectionate.

  • Once inside the cave, select the patient (it's not important to miss the FPE here).

  • After the cave scene, you will control Kaitlyn. Choose to be honest in the box and encouraging in the van.

  • Next, you'll check out Ryan in the rum cellar/basement. Complete the first FPE after entering the red light area but do not interact with the next FPE in the cage.

  • Choose to stop Laura at the next FPE.

  • Then choose to help Jacob.

  • Flip the first and second breaker, continue, then flip the second and third breaker.

Chapter 9: Empress

  • This episode begins with Dylan and Kaitlyn talking on their way to the junkyard. Choose the positive and curious options.

  • In the shelter, you will quickly move on to Abi and Emma. Select the buff 2 times.

  • You will then move on to Ryan and Laura. Interact with the FPE to shoot, then don't pull the blade.

  • Interact with the standing mirror and closet by the fireplace before interacting with the door, so you can hide in the closet and hold your breath again until the danger has passed. Then close the door by interacting with the FPE.

  • As Laura, choose to hold your breath again. Then there will be another scene with FPEs. After these, choose to attack and complete with another FPE.

  • You will regain control of Ryan. Choose to hold your breath after two FPEs and then take a break. Then choose the sympathetic, accept, interrupt options in order.

  • You will return to Dylan and Kaitlyn. When you reach the yellow crane, choose encouragement, then alert Kaitlyn (this will sound the horn).

  • After one FPE, sound the horn again, then complete all other FPEs.

  • You will then return to the bunker to take control of Abi. Walk straight through the middle of the fuse box under the back light. Collect silver shells.

  • You will now return to Laura and Ryan. Choose to shoot when you have the chance after leaving the attic. Then select the suspect.

Chapter 10 Finale: Mortar and Brick

  • Choose to stay on the pier when you're max.

  • Next, you will return to Kaitlyn in the cabin. After preparing for the attack, you will go to Jacob for a short cutscene, followed by a very short scene with Abi and Emma. Then, go back to the hut. Choose to run before FPE.

  • Select Run, then choose to probe and shoot.

  • You will then return to Laura on Route 919. Select the curious option, pick up the gun and take cover. Then select the stable option and give it to Ryan.

  • In the woods, choose probing and reflector.

  • Do not raise the gun and do not interact with the FPE. Then shoot.

After these choices, you will have saved all the characters by reaching the best ending for The Quarry. The classic credits scenes at the end of the game play out but you might still want to check it out because you can learn some good stuff about the evidence you find along the way.

There are said to be 186 different endings for The Quarry. It is possible to play the game over and over again and reach different and interesting endings.

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