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The Duffer Brothers' plan after Stranger Things: The Talisman

As the finale of the 4th Stranger Things season, which was released in two parts, is in the final stages, the creators of the series, Ross and Matt Duffer, continue to make statements to various media and share clues about the fate of the story and other projects they are working on.

As the duo often voices - and not surprisingly - the sources of inspiration for Stranger Things include Steven Spielberg films and Stephen King novels. In their last interview with Variety, they shared new details about The Talisman project, which these two "heroes" will be a part of.

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Steven Spielberg, who was experiencing a serious rise in his career at the time, acquired the rights to the epic novel The Talisman, co-written by Stephen King and Peter Straub, two years before the book was published in 1984. Despite making several attempts to turn it into a feature film, this project, which did not materialize, is being adapted into a Netflix series after 40 years, with the vision of the Duffer Brothers. The duo talk about the fact that they already have a draft of the script for the first episode of the series and that they had a meeting with Spielberg.

One of the things they loved most about Spielberg was his passion for the art of storytelling, and they had similar feelings for one of his dream projects, The Talisman. They also say that they designed a narrative with many supernatural elements, but ultimately the essence of the series is about the love a mother and son have for each other. There is even a "other universe" detail in The Talisman, as in Stranger Things.

The story of The Talisman is as follows: “When Jack Sawyer was a happy 12-year-old boy; His life is turned upside down by the sudden death of his father, followed by the death of his mother. His mother takes Jack to a hotel on the other side of the country. In fact, his goal is to drive him away from his father's business partner, Morgan Sloat.

The more unreliable Sloat is, the more honest is Jack's best friend, his son Richard, who has not left him alone on this journey. Jack learns from Fast Parker, an old amusement park attendant he met there, that he can heal his mother with a Talisman he will bring from another universe called 'The Realm'. Fast; He gives him a magic guitar pick that will help him and a bitter potion for his inter-universe travel. The Realm in question is both a paradise and a hell, which is very difficult and full of the traps of superhuman creatures.”

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