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Stranger Things Season 5: Release Date, Story, Cast and All Details!

The 4th season of Stranger Things, one of the most watched series of Netflix, has concluded. Alright what now? When Stranger Things 5 ​​will be released, we have compiled the theories that have been put forward based on the cast, the subject and the clues given in ST4.

Stranger Things Season 5 -
Stranger Things Season 5 - Most Best Trend

Stranger Things 5 ​​or season 5 has already taken its place among the most anticipated sequels of Netflix. Although the events we saw throughout Stranger Things 4 explain the origin of all events and the background of what happened in the Upside Down, the series will end with the fifth season. ST5 will be the "beginning of the end" as Vecna, who we met in the last season and is the architect of the events that has happened so far, expressed to Eleven and her friends in the finale.

The Duffer Brothers, the producers of the series, stated that the whole story of the series was ready as soon as the first season ended. Therefore, we can state that the story is ready for the continuation of the series. Therefore, what we will tell in this article will not consist of information flying in the air, but of consistent expectations and finalized details.

When will Stranger Things season 5 air?

According to Netflix, the fifth season of Stranger Things will air in 2024. Although they state that the story is ready, the Duffer Brothers actually do not state that the script and all other pre-production stages have been completed while saying this. The time required for a story to take the form of a series takes longer than we think, especially in such big-budget productions.

Stranger Things 4, which could be broadcast 8 months after the completion of shooting due to COVID-19, and which was almost 3 times between the third season finale and the finale, proved this situation. In addition, both Duffer Brothers and Netflix have confirmed that this time in Stranger Things 5, a story suitable for the ages and looks of the actors who bring the main characters to life will be told. If you remember, ST4 is about a few days after ST3, so the physical changes of the players over the years inevitably stood out.

Considering all these details, we can say that the pre-production stages of Stranger Things 5 ​​will be completed by the end of 2022, and the shooting will be done in 2023 at the earliest. After the editing and visual effects of the series are completed, the upcoming date also matches Netflix's statement, showing us that we have to wait until 2024 at the earliest. It has not been determined yet on which month or day the series will be broadcast.

Stranger Things Season 5 cast:

  • Millie Bobbie Brown as Eleven

  • Winnona Ryder as Joyce Byers

  • David Harbor as Jim Hopper

  • Finn Wolfhard as Mike Wheeler

  • Gaten Matarazzo as Dustin Henderson

  • Caleb McLaughlin as Lucas Sinclair

  • Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler

  • Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers

  • Joe Keery as Steve Harrington

  • Noah Schnapp as Will Byers

  • Saide Sink as Max Mayfield

  • Priah Ferguson as Erica Sinclair

  • Maya Hawke as Robin Buckley

Apart from the main cast above, it seems that the people who give life to the family members of the characters in the series will continue their roles from where they left off. However, Stranger Things 5 ​​may have another main character that we will have to say goodbye to. It is not yet clear who this character will be, how he will appear, and which actor will portray him. However, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers will give the role to a talented name who is probably not so famous.

What will the story of Stranger Things season 5 be like?

At the center of all events for the first three seasons, Will said when speaking to Mike in the fourth season finale: "Ever since I've been back at Hawkins, I can feel him. He's hurt, he's hurt, but he's still alive. It feels weird knowing who he is all this time. I remember what he was thinking and how he was thinking. He's thinking. He won't stop, never, until he takes everything, takes everybody… We have to kill him!”

Based on this, we can say that the main enemy in Stranger Things 5 ​​-at least at the beginning of the season- will be Vecna. He even states that what happened when he was cornered by Eleven was "the beginning of the end". However, there was no motivation left for Vecna ​​to be reworked in depth, and we learned almost the entire story and background of the character.

For all these reasons, in Stranger Things 5, we will no longer focus on the past of everything, a villain, Eleven or others, but on what happened at that moment. Considering that we watched only "the story that fills the important gaps" in the fourth season, we are certain that we will sail into more obscurity in the fifth season.

As soon as we start we will find ourselves in the middle of things:

The Duffer Brothers, for season five, “He's going to step up the gear, get the gas off the ground from the moment it kicks off!” they made a statement. Considering the slow start of the fourth season and the distractions of the audience such as "let's go back to the prison we escaped from", this explanation for the fifth season is promising. The details that will make a fast-starting story fully watchable will, as always, be the development of the main characters and their relationships with each other.

What will the characters experience?

We got to know Will, who buried his deep love for Mike in the fourth season. For this reason, we can say that Stranger Things 5 ​​will be a production where Will will be more prominent in terms of both the main story and character development.

It is clear that we will now see Eleven as a member of the Byers family, who lost her murderous father and could not achieve an absolute victory against Vecna. The Byers family will be at the center of events along with their mother Joyce and of course their father Jim. Mike, on the other hand, is outside of this family; It is clear that she will play a key role due to her relationship with Eleven and Will's love. Jonathan, who has crossed paths with Nancy now, may appear before us with a tidy up.

When Steve, one of the most loved characters of the series, said to Nancy "I dream of 6 children" was actually a reference to the younger members of the team. But given Steve's character transformation, we can watch him evolve as we now see him as a new family man. While doing this, we can say that Steve will set an example to the whole team with his guidance and courage, and in a way, he will appear as a "guiding father" like Dubledore-Gandalf.

A more uncertain future awaits Dustin, one of the dynamo characters of the series. We can think that he may be away from the team because he has matured even more after losing his best friend Eddie, to close this wound, he will spend more time with his radio love Suzie, who lives in Utah, 3200 kilometers away, maybe they will go to the same university together.

Max's future looks darker than Dustin's. The fact that he did not encounter anything in the scenes where Eleven entered his mind and called him left all questions about Max to the new season. Also his development will depend on Max

Of course, what we wrote here seems quite reasonable when we watch the series carefully and consider the criteria of the meaning of the story. In addition, no matter how much we base on the statements of the series producers, Netflix may not prefer a sequel that does not surprise the audience and does not hop around even in ordinary dialogues. At this point, we will see the most definitive interpretation with the first official statements about the series.

Hawkins ledger won't close:

We saw that the events at the end of the fourth season were recorded as an earthquake, and that Hellfire Club, an ordinary gaming community, is now recognized as a satanic cult not only in the town, but throughout the country. We've seen people leaving Hawkins for all these reasons. However, hints have been given that the main cast of the series and some of the town will be making an effort to rally Hawkins.

On the other hand, it is very difficult for us to see a story flow where the main characters are now out of town and we expect them to come together throughout the season, upon Will's definitive statement of his return to Hawkins. If this is done again, the story will not be significantly different from previous seasons.

Finally, the gateways to the Upside Down were not closed for the first time, in fact, a huge gate was opened in the middle of Hawkins with a giant tremor, which was disguised as an earthquake in the eyes of the public, unfinished by Max's resurrection. In the fifth season of the series, we can see ambitious transitions about the universe that Vecna ​​describes as the "afterlife".

Creatures are gone, new ones are needed:

The first creature of the series, the Demogorgon, was killed with a sword by Jim Hopper in a prison in Russia. The Mind Flyer, who escaped into the Demogorgon cubs produced by Soviet scientists in prison, was also destroyed by being engulfed in flames during this war. They had already taken the flesh-and-blood version of Mind Wrath in the third season finale.

We had not seen a new creature in the parallel universe, where Vecna, the only creature we have left, gave clues to the past. Therefore, the main enemy that we will encounter in Stranger Things season 5 may be a threat we have never seen before, except Vecna. In an alternative scenario where Vecna ​​will not be the main villain again, we are likely to see a larger, more effective creature or enemy.

To sum up, the details we will see in Stranger Things 5 ​​are as follows:

  • Vecna ​​is not defeated or killed, it will return.

  • We are likely to see a more effective partner, a main enemy, than Vecna.

  • This time, the main danger can be shown through Will, as in the first 3 seasons, or Will can only increase the tension by foretelling what will happen.

  • The Steve Harrington character will reach the pinnacle of his development as a guiding, guiding character, though not as much as Dumbledore or Gandalf.

  • Dustin can live away from the other characters with a story that is much more mature and his wit follows.

  • This time, we expect to see events that not only the main characters, but perhaps all people openly witness.

“We know how it will end. It's plausible that it will change, but I don't think it's very likely, because it will be an inevitable and imminent end. When you think about it, ‘Ohh! You say, 'This is exactly what should have happened'"

This statement by Matt of the Duffer Brothers was about the series finale. It should also be noted that this ending was shared with David Harbor, who gave life to Jim Hopper from the series supplement. When asked about the subject, Harbor said, “We offer new things to ensure that there is a clear, clear, solid and definitive ending that I cannot talk about at the moment, but at the same time we are concentrating on a certain point.” he said.

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