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Simple and Effective Tips to Extend Your Phone's Battery Life

Life comes to a standstill when the battery of smartphones, which are always hands-on, help us in every aspect of life, and even become a limb beyond helping, run out. In order not to experience this, there may be cases where you charge the phone before the battery low warning appears, or even you have to charge it several times during the day.

Extend Your Phone Battery Life

So, are these the right methods? Do you know how you can make the batteries, the heart of smartphones, last longer? If you cannot answer this question, let's examine together the methods to extend the life of your battery. First of all, we need to remind that; If your smartphone is an Apple product, you can see the percentage of battery health in the Battery section of the device settings.

If there is a significant decrease, you will see that a battery change warning is given by the device. If you are an Android user, you can get help from the applications you can find in the Play Store. These apps also show details like battery capacity, temperature and usage information.

1. Save your battery with power saving mode.

Use the power-saving mode, which automatically performs functions such as blocking applications and background network use by running in the background, balancing the CPU speed. Thus, the phone will stop consuming more power when not in use, and you will extend the battery life.

As a result, you will be able to use your phone for many years. To turn on the power saving mode, you can press the Power Save icon from the status bar of your phone or activate this feature by entering the Battery section in the device settings.

2. Turn Off GPS.

Even if you do not notice it during the day, the GPS feature of your phone may remain on. You can save battery by turning this feature off when you are not using it, and you can prevent the phone from running to provide data flow.

3. Avoid extreme cold and heat.

If your phone gets too hot or too cold, you can strain the battery. Be careful not to keep your phone in very hot or very cold environments as this will shorten the battery life. Although smartphones exposed to these temperatures usually try to protect themselves by turning off, it is useful not to come to this stage in terms of battery health.

4. Do not skip these points while charging.

Since we live in times when nothing can be done without smartphones, the faster the phone is charged, the better. Unfortunately, fast charging the phone strains the battery. If you do not have an urgent need or if you are going to charge your device and go to bed, not using the fast charging feature would be a more beneficial move for battery life.

Of course, this does not mean that you can use a poor quality charger, never use low quality products. Using a non-original charger will cause the device to charge slower than normal and shorten the battery life.

5. Turn down the screen brightness.

The smartphone screen is one of the components that uses the phone battery the most. Instead of using your phone at high brightness all day, you can choose a lower brightness setting, or you can use the automatic brightness feature to let the device adjust its own screen brightness according to the light it is exposed to during the day.

This setting will significantly save the phone battery as you will save energy by reducing the screen brightness.

6. Reduce the screen timeout period.

If you have not made the necessary adjustments beforehand, the phone screen continues to work if you do not lock the phone. In order to prevent this situation, you can save energy by reducing the screen timeout period, which is also called automatic locking on some devices.

The screen timeout period, which you can set as 1 minute or 30 seconds, will save your battery. Thus, you will be able to use your phone for a longer period of time without charging it.

7. Minimize battery usage with dark mode.

If you are using a smartphone with an OLED or AMOLED display, putting your phone in dark mode will save battery power. Not only can you use your phone in dark mode, you can also switch applications to dark mode, and you can do another favor for your battery.

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