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Instagram Accounts Will Celebrate: 8 Tips for Professional Shooting Using Your Mobile Phone

With the popularization of social media platforms, the interest in photography has increased considerably. Most of us want to be able to show the places we go and the beauties we see to our surroundings with the same quality, but unfortunately not all of us have professional cameras, lenses or photography knowledge.

Fortunately, developing technology comes to our aid. Smartphones, which shoot in a quality that can not be matched by professional cameras, can obtain those photos that will be showered with appreciation when combined with a few tricks. Let's take a look at those tricks that anyone can easily use that will turn your mobile phone's camera into a professional photographer!

Professional Shooting Using Your Mobile Phone - Most Best Trend
Professional Shooting Using Your Mobile Phone - Most Best Trend

1. Use the panoramic shot feature.

The panoramic shooting feature lets you capture lots of fun and professional shots at the same time. Using this feature of your phone, you can shoot an object or person as if they were copied in the same frame, or you can record your road view from the window of a moving car without moving. These wide-angle photos also help you take a professional shot while gathering what you want to show.

2. Exit automatic mode and make manual settings.

Professional photographers almost never use their camera's automatic shooting modes because this mode captures every frame with the same brightness, vividness and sharpness. However, not every photo needs the same. Therefore, when shooting with your phones, you should decide for yourself the ISO values, shadows, brightness and whiteness settings. Thus, you can reach the most beautiful photos with your phone camera.

3. Keep your binoculars with you to zoom in on the far away.

Unfortunately, we can't get as close to everything as we would like. There may be objects or people that you see in high quality while traveling, at the concert venue or in daily life, but are disappointed when you turn on your camera. Don't worry, all you need to capture these moments in their clearest form is a pair of binoculars! When you take your picture by holding the binoculars in front of your camera, the farthest distances are close and you get great photos.

4. Forget the flash and enjoy daylight.

Using flash light while taking pictures, unfortunately, distracts us from the images we want. In order to capture the best frame with your phone camera, you need to disable this feature. It is enough to take advantage of the daylight to reflect the object or living thing you will shoot in the most beautiful way. When you take your photo in a well-lit place, even you will not believe the frame you see on your phone.

5. Prepare tripods for the clearest shake-free photos.

If your hand shakes during long exposures or normal shots, all the beauty of the moment can be lost. Fortunately, solving this problem is much easier than you might imagine. A tripod or monopod makes these shots the best. You can find these products in almost any size and fit them in your bag and carry them anywhere. Thus, you can take many photos without getting tired and without disturbing the clarity. These beautiful photo frames will fascinate all those who see it, let's say it!

6. Try different lenses for interesting photos.

'I made a huge investment in my phone, will I buy a lens too?' We seem to hear you say, but when you spend a little more, you can get those shots taken by cameras worth thousands of lira. There are many lenses compatible with phones. When you mount different lenses such as fisheye on your phone's camera, you will easily get rid of your monotonous photos. These lenses, which you can find at very affordable prices, will be your biggest helper for your most beautiful shots!

7. Create the most suitable composition.

Whether you're shooting with a professional camera or a phone camera, it's important to set the right environment. When you harmonize details such as colors, depth and placement of objects, you can create a beautiful composition. This ensures that whatever you photograph is reflected on the screen in its best form. When you pay attention to these details, you will be surprised how beautiful your photos come out!

8. Do not neglect the finishing touches and small touches.

Even if we apply many tricks, there may be points in our photo that we do not like or are not very appealing to the eye. All we need to do is download a few applications to make the frame we take perfect! Thanks to these applications, you can make the necessary arrangements in the photo and change the small details in the easiest way. So the best results you can achieve with your cell phone camera will create a professional photo exhibition for you in your gallery!

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