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How to Delete or Deactivate Your Instagram Account Permanently

The link we share below for Instagram account deletion and deactivating continues to be used by people who will close their Instagram account on a desktop computer or phone. So, how to permanently delete or deactivate Instagram account from pc, phone or mobile?

How to Delete or Deactivate Your Instagram Account

The popular photo and video application Instagram users from time to time want to remove the use of the application and close their account for various reasons. It is possible to close an account via desktop and mobile application options. Permanent deletion takes place if there is no re-login within a certain period of time.

How To Deactivate, Permanently Delete An Instagram Account From Pc, Phone or Mobile?

The steps to be followed by people who want to deactivate their account are as follows:

First, open your mobile app and log in to your account.

Then click the 3 lines in a row at the top right of your account.

Here you will see the "Settings" tab, first click on the settings, then the "help" tab.

After clicking on the Help tab, it will redirect you to “”. Since it is not possible to delete an account directly from the mobile application, you have to continue your transactions through this address. If you do not want to use all these steps, you can continue your transactions directly via the Instagram account deletion link.

Instagram Account Delete Link

For account deletion, click on the "Don't take a break from Instagram" option on the "" address you are directed to from the mobile application.

You will see three options "How do I delete my Instagram account?" Click on option and click on delete my account…

Those who do not want to use these steps can continue their transactions directly through the "ACCOUNT DELETE LINK".

You will be asked why are you deleting your Instagram account, choose one of the options here and enter your password, then click "PERMANENTLY DELETE MY ACCOUNT".

When you say “OK”, your account will be permanently closed.

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