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How Do You Know If Your Device Has Spyware?

Spyware can cause all your personal data to be captured by cyber thieves.

With the development of technology, smart devices have become an integral part of our lives. Many smart devices, from mobile phones to watches, from home vacuums to refrigerators, occupy an important place in our daily lives. It is an undeniable fact that these devices have made our lives much easier.


However, this convenience also brings with it a very serious threat: Spyware! While spyware is malicious software typically used for mobile phones and computers, almost any of your electronic devices can encounter this important threat. This is a danger that should be taken very seriously for human life, which is so intertwined with electronic devices. For this reason, protection from spying is among the top priorities of the digital age. In this content, we examined spyware and the measures you can take to protect yourself from this software.

What is spyware?

In its simplest form, spyware can be defined as "software" that settles on a user's electronic device without the user's knowledge and captures all transactions and information on these devices without permission. These are mostly software designed to monitor the activities of computers and mobile phones. They are generally used by "cyber thieves" to steal various data or personal information. Spyware is often confused with "viruses". In fact, both are “malicious” software. But “viruses” have the feature of “spreading” by multiplying on the device they are placed on. In contrast, spyware works on the principle of "hide". For this reason, it can be quite difficult to detect. Every time the spyware goes undetected, more information falls into the hands of cyber thieves!

What exactly does spyware do?

Once spyware settles on a device, it can perform many different actions. It can gain access to all your social media accounts by capturing your user information. Besides, it can control your device remotely. All personal data, bank details, addresses and photos can be the target of spyware! Therefore, it is very important to be extremely careful against spying, so as not to be among the “victims” of cyber thieves.

Besides all this, spyware should not be perceived as just a digital threat! Thanks to such software, it is known that mobile phone cameras can be monitored. In addition, thanks to the spy writings leaked to mobile phones, microphones can also be listened! Especially in spyware installed on mobile phones, there has been a significant increase in recent times!

Spyware on mobile phones is both a digital and physical danger!

There is a subspecies of spyware that specifically targets cell phones. Moreover, the use of such software has increased in importance in recent years. There are other users of this software, which is frequently used by parents who want to be sure of their children's safety! Mostly used by people who want to spy on their lovers, these software can sometimes become a part of "violence" in a relationship! Experts argue that the use of such special software should also be considered a crime.

How do you know if your device has spyware?

We mentioned that spyware works extremely "secretly". For this reason, they are very difficult to detect. However, it is still possible to understand that a spyware has been encountered. If electronic devices have started to work slower than normal and turn off frequently, it is useful to be suspicious. Also, changes in user settings may also point to spyware. In such cases, it is recommended to reset the devices to factory settings.

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