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Battlefield 2042 1.2 New Update Released

Battlefield 2042 was rated as the worst game in the series. EA didn't think it would get this much backlash. But the game received such bad reviews that it shocked the company.

This is why updates continue to be released one after another. So, Battlefield 2042 1.2 new update released...

Battlefield 2042 New Update

Battlefield 2042 1.2 Update Released

The latest update for Battlefield 2042 has recreated the Kaleidoscope map and updated the Specialist character models along with many other changes.

DICE has updated Battlefield 2042 this week with a patch focused on polishing the game's content by rebalancing some weapons, making quality-of-life improvements, and updating Specialist character models. You can now better track your in-game performance and stats thanks to the new Player Profile feature.

Battlefield 2042 is the newest installment in DICE's large-scale tactical first-person shooter series, which has been running since 2002. Battlefield 2042 has been heavily criticized by players since its launch. The game received over 70,000 negative reviews on Steam, making it not only the worst performing Battlefield game in the series, but also one of the most negatively reviewed games on the Steam platform.

Battlefield 2042 1.2 Patch Notes

The highlight of this latest Battlefield 2042 update has been a major overhaul of the Kaleidoscope map, which will be the first of a series of reworks planned for the game's first launch maps. Added new flag locations and more protection in the form of newly placed assets and terrain modifications to break sight lines and allow better infantry movement.

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes

The new assets have been adjusted to be subject to tactical destruction and help the map evolve in new ways throughout the match. New areas such as the Forward Operations Base in the park and a command post near the Tower have also brought more gameplay possibilities. The Renewal map, on the other hand, will be presented to users in a renewed form with Season 2.

A "Style and Tone" update for Battlefield 2042's Specialists has deftly overhauled character models. Many of the models have been tuned to be more detailed, often keeping the original design. Finally, a new Player Profile feature has been added that allows players to better track in-game progress and performance.

Battlefield 2042 is available on a number of different platforms including PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, but when will EA and DICE’s war shooter be coming to EA Play?

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