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Are You Ready to Look Perfect by Capturing Color Harmony in Makeup?

With the right make-up methods, it is possible to show your skin in perfect beauty. However, the job does not end with just the right make-up techniques. If you choose the wrong color tones, you may look more tired than you are. For this reason, it is not enough to decide according to your skin color when choosing a make-up color. You also need to know your skin undertone, color theory and color harmony.

Color Harmony in Makeup

Determining the most suitable tones according to your skin color and clothing selection is the first stage of makeup. After passing this stage, the remaining application techniques remain. So, are you wondering how to achieve color harmony in make-up? Here are the details!

First you need to find your skin undertone.

Almost everyone knows skin type and color. However, things can change a little when it comes to skin undertones. However, determining the skin undertone is quite easy, contrary to popular belief.

Observe the color of the veins on your wrist using daylight. If your veins are green, you have a warm undertone, if they are blue-violet, you have a cool skin tone, and if they are both blue and green, you have a neutral skin tone.

The color pigments under the skin of people with cold undertones are pink, and those with warm undertones are yellow. For this reason, some make-up products sold contain expressions such as "yellow undertone" or "pink undertone".

After determining your skin undertone, choose the most suitable makeup colors for you.

If you have determined your skin undertone, all that remains is to choose the most suitable make-up colors for you. You need to know which skin undertone should use which foundation, eye shadow or blush.

Otherwise, you can use products of the wrong shade. This situation may cause disappointment and not getting the effect you expect from makeup.

If you have a cool undertone skin tone, you can use color tones such as pink, blue and green when applying make-up.

People with cold skin tones can use colors such as pink, burgundy, lilac, gray, blue and green as eye shadow in their make-up. When choosing blush and lipstick, it is possible to look flawless by choosing tones such as pink, dry rose or plum depending on your skin tone. For foundation selection, it is best to examine products with phrases such as "Rose", "Warm", "Vanilla" and "Cool".

If you have a warm undertone, you can use color tones such as brown, coral, bronze, gold and peach in your make-up.

The most accurate color tones for people with warm undertone skin tones; peach, brown, reddish brown, coral, bronze, gold and peach. It is possible to look flawless by choosing these tones in blush and headlight colors. You can choose the lipstick shade in peach, cherry or nude tones. Now all you need is a successful makeup application!

If your skin undertone is neutral, you can use all the colors that people with both warm and cold skin tones should use.

If you have a rare neutral skin tone, you are very lucky because every color listed above is suitable for your skin! You can easily choose peach and powder tones in daily life, and heavy color tones such as plum, bronze, blue and green on special occasions.

In order to look younger and fresh, you should avoid heavy color tones in daily life.

Using bright and dark-looking color tones in your make-up in daily life can make you look more tired than you are. For this reason, you can use very light, creamy and powdery color tones at such times. It is best to choose pink for lips, dry rose for eye make-up or earth that looks light, and peach tones for blush selection!

If you are blonde, you can choose glittery make-up on special occasions.

If you have fair skin and blonde hair, it suits you to look assertive on special occasions! For this, you can choose copper or bronze blush, earthy or khaki eye shadows on your special days. You can look flawless and radiant by choosing lipstick in peach, pink or red hues.

Dark hair color and wheat skin, rose and damson colors are just for you.

If you have a wheat complexion, color tones that will make you stand out, dried rose and plum! In addition to this, in eye makeup; You can choose shimmery hues such as beige, brown, caramel, gold and silver. In lip makeup, you can use assertive colors such as pink, red or orange.

If you have wheatish skin, using purple and blue colors in your eye makeup can be disappointing because these colors, which look like dark eye circles, can make you look tired.

Of course, we didn't forget the brunettes! Coffee, soft and nude tones suit you very well.

Brown-toned eye makeup suits dark-skinned people very well because these colors make brunettes' eyes look bigger than they are. If you have dark skin, you can use colors such as pink, nude and burgundy when choosing lipstick. You can use the blush selection for peach tones.

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