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Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook and Instagram!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Former kickboxing world champion and one of the most controversial internet phenomena of recent times, Andrew Tate was banned from social media platforms for violating the policies of Instagram and Facebook.

Andrew Tate Banned From Facebook and Instagram

Andrew Tate, who won four ISKA world championships in different weights during his kickboxing career, was kicked out of the TV show Big Brother in 2016 for sharing a video showing him attacking a woman and gained a lot of fame at that time. Tate has recently gained a large following thanks to the fighting videos that his fans shared on Instagram and TikTok.

Tate, who gained a lot of fame on social media for his controversial thoughts on women and masculinity, was banned from Twitter for his thoughts on sexual assaults. Facebook and Instagram accounts of the famous fighter and social media phenomenon have now been closed for violating various policies.

Permanently banned on both platforms

It was announced that Tate was banned from Facebook and Instagram for violating policies regarding dangerous organizations, individuals, and hate speech policies. Before Tate was banned, he had approximately 5 million followers on Instagram. A Meta spokesperson said in a statement that Tate's ban on both platforms is permanent and his accounts will no longer be opened.

Recently, videos shared with the hasgtag "AndrewTate", especially on TikTok, were viewed by more than 12.7 billion users, and the number of Tate's followers increased even more. Tate is known for his Hustler's University brand, a brand of ideas that are extremely masculine and offer tips on how to get rich. In addition, the social media phenomenon became a hot topic with its videos and explanations about how women are incapable of fighting and how to hit a woman.

After Meta announced that it had banned the recently discussed phenomenon, TikTok announced that it took action against accounts with videos shared about Tate and found to violate community rules.

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