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16 Amazing Tips to Make You The World's Best Parent

Whether you're still in shock or have been waiting for this moment for years, learning that you're going to be a father is a turning point in your life. Even if being a father is something you always wanted to be, it is normal to experience mixed feelings... Frankly, it is difficult to feel completely ready to be a father, but all the tips that will relieve you a little and make you feel more ready to be a father are in this content. Here are the details… 👇


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1. Start researching first.

You may not be carrying the baby in your womb, but that doesn't mean you weren't part of the birth. There are many books written for father-to-be, but you don't have to be limited to these. If your partner suffers from symptoms such as nausea, doing some research and understanding how they are feeling can help you better support your partner.

Knowing what to expect during birth and after your baby is born can make things so much better.

Get detailed information about how things work like normal and cesarean delivery, breastfeeding, changing diapers...

2. Take care of your health.

Before your baby is born, you must get your own health in order. For example, if you smoke, try to quit. It has been proven that the risk of congenital heart diseases is higher in babies who are exposed to smoking in the womb.

Eating well now is actually an investment you make in the long and difficult days and nights of parenthood in the future. For example, you can add foods rich in fiber and strengthen your immunity to your meals, give an analysis and take the necessary supplements accordingly.

3. Talk to your partner about parenting.

Now is the time to talk to your wife/partner about what kind of parent you will be... Will you both be working? What are your plans for taking care of your baby? Remember that what you're talking about is still only in theory for both of you. Your feelings may change when your baby is born.

4. Learn to act as a team.

Even though the love between you and your wife/partner is over, now you both are connected to each other for the rest of your life through your baby…

Do not forget that you two are a team now. For example, if your wife/partner is feeling tired or nauseous, you should help him. You should feed your wife/partner and indirectly your baby what they can eat and do the housework.

5. Decide what kind of father you want to be.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a good relationship with their own father... If you're lucky enough to have a great father, you might want to be a great father like him.

If you didn't have a good father-child relationship, you may be afraid that I will not be a good father, but be calm, it is in your hands. 😊

6. You can ask your acquaintances to those who are fathers.

It will be comforting to hear about the difficulties of being a father and how they overcame them.

7. When you can, go to the doctor's check-ups with your wife/partner.

Prenatal checkups always get parents very excited… Seeing your baby on ultrasound and listening to his heartbeat is an amazing experience. This will help you connect with your baby.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn what your wife/partner has been through and to learn directly from your doctor what you wonder about your baby's development. Although you may not be able to attend every appointment because of your work schedule, try to attend as much as possible.

8. Know that your sex life can change.

Being a parent can affect your sex life. From the moment you find out that your wife/partner is pregnant, you may feel intense lust for your partner, but you may feel nervous and confused because of fear of doing something wrong that will affect her pregnancy… But if the communication between you is effective, you can overcome the issue of sexuality together.

9. Do not forget what to do in this process.

You know the trending baby showers lately, although the focus of these baby showers seems to be your wife/partner and your baby, remember that you are a part of it too. Go shopping with your partner to choose something for your baby.

You can write daily or weekly articles about how you feel. Don't forget to take lots of photos during pregnancy. Documenting what happens while your baby is in the womb is very important for the future.

10. Take your place in the preparations.

There are so many things to do to be ready for birth… In fact, birth is not only about carrying the baby, but also about preparing the baby's room, saving money, researching how to take care of a child, etc. You will need many things like this to get ready for birth.

Here are our recommendations for you:

  • You can learn how the baby car seat is installed and used.

  • You can research baby carrying methods.

  • You can already talk about the leave from your workplace when your baby is born.

  • You can prepare a maternity bag.

11. Know that you will organize the guests when your wife/partner gives birth.

If you want to celebrate the birth by inviting your acquaintances to the house in the days after the birth of your baby, you need to organize it yourself. But even if you don't want to receive guests, it's your choice of course, remember that it's perfectly natural, don't feel bad about yourself. You will be the one to let others know what to do and not to do as a family.

12. You must be a supporter of your wife/partner after birth.

So, for example, you should do whatever you can to support your wife/partner in their decision to go back to work or stay home. Or, if your partner is experiencing postpartum depression, you can seek professional support and set up appointments.

You actually have a great power to make sure your wife/partner is healthy... Your baby deserves to have two healthy parents. 😇

13. Share responsibilities.

We talked about sharing responsibilities before the baby is born, but you should continue to do so after your baby is born. When your partner starts breastfeeding the baby, you may think that your role is no longer important and you may feel a bit left out, but your role is actually very, very important.

For example:

  • You can change your baby's diapers… You can do this not only during the day, but also when you wake up in the middle of the night.

  • You can give your baby a bath.

  • You can read to your baby.

  • You can put your baby to sleep, and you can sing a lullaby while putting them to sleep.

  • If she is eating formula, you can feed her food or if she is breastfeeding, you can burp after your partner breastfeeds.

  • Even if we don't talk about dishes, food, laundry, ironing, you are already sharing them with your wife/partner, even if you are not a baby.

14. Maintain your sense of humor.

Parenting can be difficult, complex and tiring, but it can also be fun and exciting. The first key to getting through both good and bad times is to laugh. Being able to laugh when you don't sleep enough and look like a zombie, when your baby gasps like a bomb or when he puts on too much gold, helps you to overcome difficulties.

15. When your baby is born, the thing you will need most is sleep.

Your wife/partner, you, and your baby will all need plenty of sleep. You'll have to adjust your sleep pattern with a bit of trial and error, but the most important thing is that everyone gets enough sleep.

You may have to work the next day, but remember that your wife/partner will babysit again the next day and needs sleep. You can sleep on guard duty and take a nap whenever possible. Whatever you do, make sure everyone in the house is getting enough sleep.

16. Recognize that you are important to your baby.

Sometimes you may feel that you are not on good terms with your pup or that you are not very important to him. It may be difficult for you to go to work or feel like a second caregiver, but working does not make you a bad father…

On the contrary, doing your best to provide for your family and take care of them makes you a good father. Your presence is definitely a gift to your child, don't feel worthless. 😉

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