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14 Best Tips On Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Maintaining a long distance relationship is a mental challenge for couples. However, if nothing can be done and the heart does not listen to the edict, we tell you how you can manage your long distance relationship! 👇

Long Distance Relationship - Most Best Trend
Long Distance Relationship - Most Best Trend

1. Avoid excessive communication.

Being overbearing and possessive is not a good idea. You don't have to talk to your partner 24 hours a day to keep your relationship going. You may feel the need to do this to minimize the distance, but there is no need to do so. You just tire each other out more...

2. See this as an opportunity.

Think of it as a journey for each other. If you want to live together, you must first learn how to live apart from each other. Instead of focusing on how the distance separates you, consider that this experience will strengthen your bond.

3. Set some rules to meet your expectations.

Make it clear what you expect from each other during this long distance relationship. You can also set some rules in order not to upset and surprise the other party. For example, what is your level of commitment? Are you going to have trouble communicating with others? All this should be discussed openly.

4. Communicate regularly and creatively.

Text each other 'good morning' and 'good night' every morning and evening. Tell your partner what is going on in your life. Send each other videos, photos and audio recordings. Making such efforts makes you both feel valuable.

5. Try dirty talking.

The sexual tension between long distance couples can be quite high. The sexual need exists not only biologically, but also emotionally. You can raise the fire between you by talking dirty.

6. Avoid 'dangerous' situations.

If you know that going to a club with your friends and drinking late will disturb your lover, you should either not go or you should comfort him by telling him the situation before you go. Don't ignore such things because it makes your partner more suspicious and upset.

7. Do something together.

Play online games together or watch a documentary on Netflix. One of you can play the guitar and the other can even sing while on a video call! You can shop online together and buy gifts for each other.

8. Visit each other.

Every long distance relationship is strengthened by occasional visits. After all that longing and waiting, the little things like being able to hug, kiss and hold hands make you feel great. So visit each other whenever you can!

9. Set a goal.

'Are we going to be apart for a long time? So what will happen in the future?' It is very important to ask yourself questions such as:

Honestly, no couple can maintain a long distance relationship forever. Because eventually everyone has to come together. So make a plan together, set goals, and talk about how things will go. You shouldn't stay where you started.

10. Make use of your time alone and with your family and friends.

Being alone is not being alone. Your world does not revolve around your partner. You still have yourself, your friends and family. Start sports, watch TV series or take up a hobby. There are tons of things you can do without your partner!

11. Be honest with each other.

Talk fully about your insecurities, fears, jealousy, and feelings. If you try to hide anything from your partner, sooner or later that secret will consume you. Do not try to deal with everything on your own. With the support of your partner, you can make things right.

12. Be aware of each other.

Know when your lover is busy and when he has time. In this way, you can text or call at the right time. You don't want to call your girlfriend when you're in the middle of a job interview or in class. Make it clear that you are aware of everything in his life, big and small.

13. Follow each other's social media activities.

Post each other various Instagram posts and tweets from Twitter. It's another way to stay in touch.

14. Stay positive.

To keep your long distance relationship alive, you have to be positive. Yes, the waiting process is quite painful and sometimes you can feel lonely. But imagine how great the ending would be!

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